Photoshoot with Sang Nguyen

Just about a month ago, I got asked by the girls at B&M if I was willing to do a creative photoshoot with another model on the upcoming Saturday morning. Basically, Sang Nguyen, a Toronto based photographer, had an idea in mind and needed people to participate in his shoot. He was offering 2 free prints for our time. I was happy to agree. It’s always nice meeting and working with new people, not to mention getting some shots for free!

Samy - Photo by Sang NguyenSince it was a beautiful day, I biked over to Sang‘s studio. Once I got there I was greeted Sang at his door. Then I was surprised to see Kelly Foss inside which was also from B&M. We actually met at a casting when we happened to be sitting next to each other. She peaked over my comp cards and noticed we were in the same agency. We had started talking and she turned out to be a nice girl, was good to see her again. Sang also had a makeup artist along with a hair stylist working with him.

Samy and Kelly - Photo by Sang NguyenFirst we took some shoots inside his studio before driving down to the beach were we spent most of the time together. We all had an awesome time.. how could we not, working on the beach on a beautiful day with great people? Most of the shots were with Kelly and I together, but we were also photographed on our own. All in all, I was happy that Sang offered me the opportunity to work with him and had lots of fun with everyone involved!

I recently got the pictures from Sang. They were chosen by B&M to add to my portfolio. Make sure to check out the Pictures section to view larger versions of these shots! I’m really happy to have met and worked with Sang. He’s a great and talented guy!


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