F2: Forensic Factor shoot

Yesterday I wrapped up my role of George Patisso on Season 5, Episode 12 of F2: Forensic Factor directed by Laurie Lynd.

Let me start by going back to the audition. First of all, I knew the casting director Crystal Kramer, and I tend to do well at her castings.. although I hadn’t booked a role through her yet. I always seem to “come in second” for the roles I was going for. Anyway, I got to the building and found the person who I was auditioning with. He seemed familiar, but only later did I realize why. It was Anwar Knight from CTV News. He and I ran through our scene until it was our turn to go. This really helped me get ready for the audition, and when we were called in, we both did great and that one take was all they needed. A few days later, I got the news that I was offered the role of George Patisso!

Samy on set of F2: Forensic FactorI was needed on set for two days. The first one was on Tuesday, and consisted of a full 12 hour day. This is where most of the scenes involving my character were shot. My second day consisted of an evening call time, with only one scene to shoot.

It was a great experience and I met some awesome people. Despite the gruesome content of the show, the other actors and the crew filled my day with laughs and good times. Check out the picture, taken as we’re hanging out, getting ready to shoot a morgue scene. I’ll let you guess my role in the scene, based on the fact that I was waiting around in a bathrobe.

However, it wasn’t all laughs. We also had some more serious and reflective moments. This show is a docudrama, with reenactments of real events where people were killed. We all felt sympathy for the the friends and family of the people who’s murders are covered by this episode of the show… My heart goes out to them.


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