SMART Tech video with Infinite Media

Yesterday, I got a call from my talent agent Teri, about this booking concerning a video production for SMART Technologies. It came as a bit of a surprise as I didn’t audition for them. Well, Teri explained that they booked me from my headshot. Then when I noticed Infinite Media was working on this project.. it rang a bell. They were the ones who worked on the LG Fusic website about two years ago!

So when I got to set today, some of the people from Infinite said they remembered me from the previous work we’ve done together. It’s always nice to work with people from previous jobs, as it doesn’t happen too often in this industry. You constantly work with and meet new people, which.. don’t get me wrong.. is amazing and something I’m very grateful for! However, it’s also nice to see familiar faces.

The shoot went great! I was one of the characters in the video showcasing SMART Tech‘s innovative products. I sat down and a nice comfortable chair, pretended to sip some coffee and answer a video phone call. Most of the work was having to mimic conversation.. which I actually got praise for.. being told it was very natural and convincing. As usual, I was appreciative of their feedback, and glad that they were happy with my performance! We were able to finish off with my role in the video on time, and to the satisfaction of everyone. I had a great time, and was glad to have worked with these people again. Not to mention the other talent involved who were all pleasant to be around. I drove off to another Sears catalogue gig with a smile on my face and in a awesome mood!

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