Modeling representation

Before I moved to Toronto, I was represented by my former agency in Ottawa as both an actor and model (as they covered both markets). My focus is in acting, film and TV.. no question about it. However, being open to modeling, I did quite a bit of work (mostly as commercial print ads) and had fun. Not only can it pay well, but often times I meet great people.. some also involved in the film and TV industry.

So I recently decided I would find a modeling agent. This with complete support from my wonderful talent agent, Teri Boyack, fully aware that she would no longer be able to submit me for print castings. She explained that she could only cover a quarter of the modeling work in the city, and that I’d need another agent to cover the rest.

Well I’m happy to announce that from now on, I’ll be represented by B&M Models, here in Toronto. I actually met the owner Melanie Mateus almost two years ago, in Ottawa. She had expressed interest in representing me in Toronto, but I wasn’t ready to spend even more time on the road. I decided since modeling was secondary to me, that I’d wait until I made the move to Toronto. I remembered having a good impression of her.. and still had her business card to this day!

I guess you can say, I’m back in full force. However, as mentioned yesterday, I’m about to test the waters with something other than acting or modeling. Looking forward to sharing this with you soon!

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