Workshop with George D’Amato and Crystal Kramer

What a great way to start a new month! Today I attended a workshop put up by director George D’Amato, and once again, the lovely Crystal Kramer (C.D.C.). Although this time, I didn’t participate.. but video taped everyone’s performances!

So you could say I audited the workshop.. but I still benefited! The upside is, when you don’t have a scene to prepare, it’s easier to be more focused on what’s going on (rather than having the fact that you will be performing soon in the back of your mind). I learned a lot of things and was refreshed on stuff that I’ve been taught before. I always love going to these. No matter how much you know, there’s always more to learn! Besides, considering the amount of information out there, well do we really know that much?

Big thanks to both Crystal and George on giving me the opportunity to play cameraman and teaching me a lot of useful things! Speaking of cameraman.. that will be one of many new hats I’ll be wearing, as I put together my own project. More to come on this one!

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