The Actors’ Symposium in Toronto

Just last weekend, I attended The Actors’ Symposium, in Toronto, along with my good friend Moe Abdallah, who drove all the way from Ottawa. This event was put on by Ron Leach, Brian Levy and Crystal Kramer (all of them part of C.D.C.).

First I have to say that you can’t imagine how much I enjoyed this event! It was two full days of knowledge and enjoyment. Despite not having the chance to sleep much (and that being an understatement), I learned so much and had such a great time… It was better than I expected!

We received lectures on the business, workshops on short parts, commercial roles (with Steven Mann) and full scenes. In addition, we had the chance ask questions from two panels with very special guests. The first panel was on Saturday, included many Toronto agents, including Amy Hines and Teri Boyack from Hines Management (who, I’m happy to remind you, I’ve signed with in October to represent me as an actor). The second one, on Sunday, featured many casting directors, producers and directors. They were very insightful with their advice, feedback and answers. It was an amazing opportunity for all us actors there!

There were also many sponsors and vendors. People who offered actor training services, a few photographers, and much more! I also ran into Lori Pearstein, who along with Crystal Kramer, offered a workshop which I had taken around mid October.

Last but not least…well not really last as this is a very brief summary of what happened in these two full 12 plus hour days, we had the chance to network and make friends! With so many people, having different roles in the film and TV industry, all together in one space…we’re bound to make connections! Not only was I able to meet and exchange contact information with a lot of people, but I also made some friends. There were so many great people with a lot of talent, it was an honor to be among everyone!

I want to finish with a big thank you to everyone involved in putting this together, as well as those who attended! Everyone did their own part to make it such a memorable event!

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