Newly released shot and Sara Lee photos

Samy - Photo by Paul CrivellariJust a few days ago, Paul Crivellari sent me a new photo that was taken the last time we worked together. Our main purpose for that photoshoot was to produce a new headshot for acting. Soon after getting some great pictures, we agreed to move on with another idea.

What you see on the left is another awesome shot that came out of the second half of the photoshoot. We were actually aiming for something a little different, and only got one picture of this pose. It was just thrown in between different ideas. In the end, sitting down together and looking at the shots, we all agreed it was one of the best ones! Again, I can’t say this enough about Paul and Shalan.. a great and talented couple!

Sara Lee website screenshotsAlso recently, I decided to look around the Sara Lee website to see if I could find some of the shots that we were taken back during the job I booked in May of 2007. We had taken shots for both a TV commercial and print/web usage. Here on the right, you can see two of the shots that we taken for the latter.

Actually, when I first saw the picture in the blue shirt, I wasn’t sure if that was me or just a guy who happened to look like me! I didn’t even remember wearing that shirt.. but as I kept going through, I caught the one in the red shirt. Only then was I sure it was me! I guess I’m not used to see myself smiling with a mouth full… That and I look so young in those. Anyway, I’ll keep my eye open for the TV commercial!

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