Live 88.5 commercials on TV and online!

I’m happy to announce that the Live 88.5 TV commercials are now on the air! They’re also available online on YouTube, posted up by Parktown Productions.

Check them out below! You can play them straight from here, via the play icon, or by going to it’s YouTube page by clicking the commercial’s name below the video.

Bathroom – by Parktown Productions

Stereo – by Parktown Productions

Feel free to take a look at their YouTube account parktownpro for more of their work.


  1. 1:29 pm-November 25, 2008
    jason spencer

    What is the song played in the Live 88.5 Bathroom add??????????????

    • 1:29 pm-November 25, 2008

      The song is called “Too Much” by Dave Matthews Band

  2. 1:29 pm-November 25, 2008
    Dr A.F.Kamal

    An excellent idea

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