Live 88.5 TV commercial

Just yesterday, I again worked with the guys at Parktown Productions. Funny enough, I had another topless shaving scene, just like when we did 2@2. Well not quite topless.. as we ended up using a towel over my shoulders this time. Yet I must say, I was amused at how Richard, the producer, was excited about me having my shirt off… Hahaha! It was all in good fun.

Kyle, Ben and Samy @ Live 88.5 Commercial Shoot - Taken by AndreAnyway, before we even got to that part, we were over at an electronics store. There, we shot the first commercial which went quite well. Especially considering the store was kept open, and we had a few extras on set. Everyone did a really great job! I also had a friend and fellow actor, Andre Givogue, who I met on the set of Pascal Aka’s film “Jamie and Eddie: Souls of Strife”, came in to play a salesman in the background. My role was to pass this orange puck, to a customer.. and then happiness ensued.

Samy @ Live 88.5 Commercial Shoot - Taken by KyleThe other commercial, which I had mentioned earlier, took place in a bathroom. As I’m shaving, some noise gets my attention. So, I look around for it’s source, then the girl in the bathtub hands me the orange puck. Suddenly, something extraordinary happens and everything becomes bright and cheery. These two 15 seconds spots for the Live 88.5 radio station actually follow each other. I first receive the puck in the washroom, then give it away at the electronics store. Thus the slogan “Pass It On”. Check out the previous “trilogy” also produced by Parktown: Walker, Bench and Office.

It was awesome shooting with Richard Towns and Kyle Connolly again, as well as Ben Walker (directed a music video I took part in) who was helping out on set. I also met Nick Lacelle, who did a great job too. Last but not least, the other actors involved were also a pleasure to work with!

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