Completed my scenes for The Comet

A week ago, shooting for “The Comet” continued. We actually had to change locations and use another house. Thankfully the footage we covered from the last time had my character, along with Jess who plays my wife, walking into another room. This saved us from having to re-shoot that last bit. We ended by finishing up all of Jess’ scenes in time, which was our goal because it was a long commute for her. Despite her inexperience in acting, I felt Jess did very well.

Later that week on Friday, I worked mostly with Nancy’s daughter, who actually plays my daughter in the film. I think Rhiona was one of the youngest people I’ve had to act with. She was great for someone who’s never done film before, and made her mom proud. This day covered the rest of my required footage since the meat of the film is actually a visual narration of an experience in my character’s childhood. When the film is shot and partially edited, I will then need to add a voice over narration over those scenes.

It was great working on this film, having a lot of first time actors. This gave me the opportunity to guide them, which helped me grow well. I find that we tend to remind ourselves of what we’ve learned, and even learn new things, when it’s our turn to do the teaching.

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