ADR completed for The Loyal Lucifers

Samy Osman as Ammar in "The Loyal Lucifers"

I spent the most part of this last weekend, both Saturday and Sunday, doing ADR (basically, re-recording the dialogue on top of the original) and voiceovers for Raied Ghanam’s short film, “The Loyal Lucifers”. This project was formerly known as “The Portal”, which we shot close to a year ago.

Working with Raied again (along with soundman, Gareth Williams of course), was a great experience. Despite our occasional creative differences, I really appreciate Raied’s dedication to his project. His strong work ethic and desire to excel are qualities that I appreciate very much in a person, especially when it comes to someone I work with. It’s very encouraging and also makes it easier for my best to come out as well.

There’s still a lot of work left to be done to this film. More ADR with the other actors (as Raied wants all dialogue to be re-recorded), background environments for the green screen scenes, etc. I know this might seems like a long time, but within another year or so, it should be released and I’m sure the wait will be worth it. A reminder than this is an independent film project, and Raied is dedicating his free time, outside of work, to this movie!

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