New headshot, another shoot with Paul Crivellari

Samy Osman - Headshot by Paul and Shalan CrivellariJust over a week ago, I went to Paul and Shalan Crivellari‘s new studio, where we proceeded to shoot some new headshots for me. I think they did a good job (see for yourself on the left)! As always, things went great! Not only did we get some nice shots out of it, but had a good time together.

We also took some other shots for both our portfolios. I won’t talk about them now, but I will definitely be showing you once they are ready. Not only are Paul and Shalan talented, but they are great people! We plan to work, and continue to work together in the future.

Once again, if you are looking for some great shots, whether it’s for professional uses (such as a headshot for acting, some modeling pictures) or just some nice shots of yourself for friends and family, make sure you check out their website at!

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