Catalogue shoot for Kinloch Anderson

Today was another day that will make me miss Taiwan. It started off with the trouble I had finding the address I was given of the photographer’s studio. I got off the bus near the correct street, which I walked up, attempting to find the lane number written on my sheet. It seemed like the numbers would sometimes go up, or down, and it would skip a whole bunch which included the one I was looking for. Now, you might think that my initial remark was sarcastic, but it couldn’t be further from the truth.. read on.

I eventually got on another bus, which was driving down that same street and showed the address to the driver. He nodded and drove as he looked around.. but he was confused. He was even asking passengers inside, and ones getting on board. This was a bad sign. He then let me off, back on the same street, and wouldn’t accept payment. Well, since there was a police station close by, I thought what better place to get directions. I made the right choice. The officer at the desk consulted his colleagues and finally told me that that lane number didn’t exist. He then noticed phone numbers on my voucher, called my agent and got the right address. They didn’t seem too busy at that time and really made an effort to help me out!

After that I couldn’t believe what they were doing.. because it looked like he was getting another officer to drive me there! Well that’s exactly what happened. The other officer not only drove me to the location, but escorted me inside, and helped me find the studio. Wow, they did all this with nothing to gain.. helping a foreigner (and a male one.. point being I wasn’t a good looking girl or anything like that) by driving him and walking him to his destination. They really went above and beyond. I felt like some sort of VIP.. and was smiling as I wondered what the guys at the studio thought when they noticed my “police escort”.

Scottish Outfit Used for Kinloch Anderson ShootSince I had been some fifteen minutes late, they right away sent me to get prepped and changed. Another model was working on the set, so when I got started we alternated and had a few shots together. The clothes was by Kinloch Anderson from Scotland and was composed mostly of business casual wear. At lunch the other guy was finished but I continued after, doing more shots and ending with traditional Scottish attire (as seen in the picture on the right). Everyone was so nice and friendly while Vincent the photographer was great as well as very easy to work with. He gave me his card and, since I’m leaving Taiwan soon, asked me to contact him when/if I come back. The whole thing actually went by pretty quickly. I then bussed back with no problems, but on the contrary, with the same great hospitality and kindness of the Taiwan people. Yep.. I will definitely miss this country.

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