Liukoo catalogue work and improved living conditions!

This morning, was a very special one. No, not because I had some catalogue work (although I’m always happy to have work) but for another reason all together. Today was the day the roommate from Hell, who I’ve been stuck with for almost three months, went back to where he came from (I mean Ottawa, Canada…not Hell). I’ve been pretty quiet about that one, especially considering how horrible it was having him live here. Honestly, you wouldn’t believe how bad it was…so I couldn’t be happier…and my other roommate Marko would second that…in a second.

Computer Screen Shot of Liukoo PhotoshootConcerning work, the catalogue was for Liukoo, a local Taiwan clothing label. I worked with one of the new, recently flown in female models from PT, Lindsay. For most of the shoot, it was one after the other. While one of us was shooting, the other was changing. Some we had some together, usually with golfing equipment. The half day job went by pretty quickly and we were offered lunch at the end. Another good photoshoot spent working with some great people!

As I got back to the apartment, Marko had already begun cleaning our ex roommate’s aftermath. I joined in and then the cleaning lady got in and took care of the rest. It was quite the job but now, everything’s finally clean and organized. I’m excited about my last days here, finally living in comfort and ease.

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