Print campaign for Sable Aqua-Optical Spectacles!

Today I had a great time shooting for Sable‘s water goggles print campaign. It started off with me arriving early, and chatting with the hair and makeup lady’s assistant who was waiting there as well. As it came closer to the start time, people started arriving and we all went inside the studio together.

Behind The Scenes of the Sable Photoshoot

They put a lot of work into my hair because it had to look like I was underwater. The whole concept behind the shoot was (as you can see in the picture above) trying to thread a needle underwater, using the goggles, and with a lot of effort. The reason why the goggles are off in that shot is because the photographer wanted to get a clear picture of my eyes to then superimpose into the pictures with the spectacles. That’s because you barely see my eyes behind the goggles…and a lot of emotion comes from the eyes.

Then other shots were taken with different props as well as simpler shots for other purposes. Before I knew it, we were done, not to mention early. The whole thing only took about 3 hours, including all prep time. It was bittersweet because I was really having a good time and we were all getting along and working well as a team. It was almost like we had this chemistry going on. I think they would agree, because they happily gave me the main pair of goggles I used, as well as a swimming cap and this unique pair of Swimming Webs (cut off gloves with webbing between the fingers). They even gave me a second pair of goggles when I mentioned that I quite often went swimming in a nearby indoor pool with my roommate Marko. I was also asked when I was leaving and if I was coming back to Taiwan. Well…days like these make me want to!

Group Shot After Photoshoot for Sable
In the end, the female model that was about to start getting photographed agreed to take a group picture for me, with everyone involved with the shoot (myself included). I was grateful to people at Sable as well as the photographer and his team for a great shoot along with their gifts, and thanked them one more time as I said goodbye.

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