Three more jobs with photographer Marc Kao!

Today, since it was such a beautiful day, I went for a walk around Taipei on my own. I visited Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall which was awesome. I plan to return and take pictures. Then I checked out the surrounding parks nearby where I did some exercises, relaxed and had a really good morning/afternoon. Now I’m back home and decided I’m due for an update!

As I mentioned when I talked about my job last Sunday, the photographer wanted to work with me again. Well, I had a half day job with him Tuesday, and two half day jobs Wednesday!

Tuesday’s job was for Grouse Collection. I got picked up nearby the apartment/agency and got to the location in the afternoon. We shot outdoors which I loved because it was a nice sunny day. However, the temperature dropped and the wind picked up. I didn’t say anything at first but they noticed I was cold due to the raising hairs on my arms. To make it worse I was changing outside in public, shirt and pants. Doesn’t really bother me though, it’s just the cold that gets to me.

I was glad when we finished, because we went for dinner. Had some good beef noodle soup. It was so much bigger and better than what I’ve had in Canada.. not to mention cheaper. Afterwards, Marc had to drive his assistant home so he could shower. So he took me to a nearby cafe and insisted on buying me cake and tea. After that, they drove me back home. I was grateful to Marc for everything, including the fact that he lent me his sweater for the evening!

Keelung CityWednesday was a full day, with two half day jobs. Unfortunately, I barely got any sleep (maybe 2 hours) the previous night because of a certain roommate which I will not name (not Marko, he’s great). Regardless, I had a great morning. I took a cab to where I was supposed to meet with the clients and found out I was early. My agent told me 6:00am when I really had to be there at 6:30am. However, there was a man there, who despite not speaking English, explained that the place wasn’t open. He offered me his jacket (I showed up with a short sleeve t-shirt but had an extra shirt in my bag), even opened his car door, adjusted the seat so I could sit and wait. I was so grateful but declined his offers, explaining I wasn’t cold, that I came from Canada and I would just wait around.

Streets o fKeelung CityLater the client got there, and packed up all of what they needed and together we all drove to the shooting location. There, Marc and his assistant were waiting and we started shooting almost right away. This morning’s job was for Hardy Aimes, while the shooting location started as the side of the road, with these nice restaurants nearby. We shot in other areas nearby, around these nice buildings near the beach. The wind really picked up and they offered me a jacket in between some of the pictures. However, there wasn’t much break time because, as usual, there was a lot of clothes to go through and once again I was changing outside. Then we headed to beach itself and took more shots there. I enjoyed it despite the cold (and the cold water which my feet were in for a few shots). I mean back home in Canada, it’s really cold and they’re having so much snow. So I consider myself lucky.Danshui ParkI’ll take changing outside on a day comparable to a windy Canadian fall over living in the winter they’re having. After we were done with those shots, we drove to another location. It was like a park and harbour with boats docked, restaurants, etc. We wrapped up the shoot there and then went for some food. I then got a ride with Marc to his studio, where we would start the other job.

I had a bit of a break and so I just lied down on a couch. I didn’t really have the chance to fall asleep when I was called to start shooting. The clothing company was Sina Cova and some from N,Centro (yes the name has a comma in it). By the way if you’ve never heard of these, and actually many of the clothes I’ve done photoshoots for, don’t worry, I hadn’t either. So we started off with basic shots with a big bunch of the clothes, with only a white backdrop. And once again, there was a of clothes to get through. These were all catalogue jobs, like most of the work in Taiwan. Anyway, Marko (the good roommate) made a short appearance as they hired him to do some shots for a couple of hours.

He did the same simple shots as I did, then we used another part of the studio with some different backgrounds and props as we posed for some shots together. We did a few of those and then Marko left. I continued to shoot with more clothes, then finished with more of those simple shots. When I say simple, basically we took two shots, changed shirt (and sometime pants), and continued with racks full of clothes. When we were done, I thanked Marc once again and went home via walking and bus.

Funny enough, the bridge of my nose was red from all the changes over the past few days. But I’m still having a good time doing all this, getting a lot of experience and learning so much. That night I fell asleep in no time. And now, I’ve just got news that I’ve got a confirmed job on Saturday. More on that after the shoot!

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