Passage Oceanaut catalogue work

Yesterday I had a half day shoot for Passage Oceanaut. It was mostly casual wear for the mature gentleman. After getting to the studio and trying to style my hair in a way to make me seem like more grown up, we started shooting. Marc the photographer was very nice, friendly and we worked well together. After a few hours we took a break for lunch and then continued the shots. Eventually they asked me to smile more.. and started calling me the “Smiling Master” once they saw how naturally it came to me. Never got that one before.

I had to do a lot of changes, probably more than any other job despite it being a half day. When I felt that it went on for longer than expected, I was right. We went overtime.. and this is the first time it happened since I started working here in Taiwan. Regardless, I made the best out of it and worked with a good photographer who expressed interest in working again before my return to Canada.

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