Last week’s jobs for Action Sport Market, Traveler and Sogo

Push up Handle BarsThe end of last week was a busy one! It started with a job on Wednesday. It was for the Action Sport Market here in Taiwan. I had to hold a push up using these handles (as seen on the right), with elbows at approximately at a 90 degree angle, palms in, arms close to the body. They wanted the same shot in different shirts as well as topless. It was a pretty relaxed job in a way, except for the actual posing. Holding the position was getting harder and harder, and the slight body adjustments which made it even more physically difficult.. but we got through it. They wanted the perfect shot, perfect posture, and on top of that I personally want to get the best out of anything I do, so I was all for it. In the end, everyone was happy, I had a great time, worked with some great people and especially got a workout out of it!

Behind The Scenes During Traveler PhotoshootRaw Picture From Traveler PhotoshootThursday, I had a photoshoot for Traveler’s new catalogue and in-store pictures. They had mostly hiking and casual clothing, and wanted to have a warm happy feel to the shots.That meant a lot of smiling! I was happy about that, because smiling is something that comes very easily and naturally to me. Also, the girls I worked with, Zoe (from PT as well) and Evelyn, also smiled easily. This made the job even more fun! It was also a relaxed job, working with nice people.

Raw Picture From Sogo PhotoshootRaw Picture From Sogo PhotoshootLastly, Friday, we had a shoot for Sogo (a big mall here in Taiwan). I believe the shots will be used in a catalogue and possibly in/around the mall. I say we because I worked with my favourite roommate Marko. Things went smoothly and we were working at a really good pace, without it feeling rushed. Even though we were scheduled for only a half day (four hours), they gave us a lunch break (while providing the food of course) AND we finished early. This concluded my work for the week. I was blessed to have worked with such great people and had so much fun!

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