Part two of ATOP Precision’s video!

Just a few hours ago, I finished shooting the rest of the video for ATOP Precision’s new watch. I have to say, I’m starting to like these weekend shots. It was another great day of work, even if it was Sunday!

The fun started even before I got to the job. With the address of the shooting location in hand, I walked around to some bus stops, showing the written address (in Chinese) to locals, and trying to figure out which bus to take to the city I was headed to. Despite the language barrier I was able to get on the right bus, as well as get off close to the shooting location. From there it was but a fifteen minute walk to my destination. I was able to get there on time, pay but a fraction of the transportation cost of a taxi, and have twice the fun. All this was possible mainly because of the very friendly people of Taiwan!

Video Monitor Shot at ATOP’s Video ShootWhen I got there, I saw a lot of familiar faces from the first shoot before the Chinese New Year. It was nice to see them again. We began shortly after I got changed and started off by simple shots of me adjusting the watch as well as being on the cell phone. When that was done, two other people joined me in front of the camera. Ksenija, who is also represent by PT and who I worked with on another job before, as well as Guillaume, originally from France and now living in Taiwan. We had the opportunity to chat together until the crew was ready to shoot. Once we got going, we had to act as if we were in a meeting discussing a computer product. When that was done, Guillaume and I shot a hand shaking scene outdoors, nearby the location. That concluded the shoot for the video.

Picture of ATOP’s WatchEverything went very well, even better than the first time we shot.. maybe because we were already getting used to working together. Grace from ATOP was very happy with the shoot and was so nice as to actually give me the watch! I was surprised but also very appreciative and pleased! I had joked around with her about that, but didn’t think she would actually let me have it. A big thanks to her and ATOP for the great watch, which is perfect for travellers, as well as the production company for a great day. I might have worked this weekend but in the end, it hardly seemed like work.

To finish, big thanks to Marko, my friend and roommate in Taipei, for allwoing me to use his suit for the shoot!

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