Another shoot for Pierre Balmain!

Pierre Balmain Shoot LocationToday, despite being a Saturday, I had to get up early for a casting. As I was about to eat breakfast, I got news that I had another photoshoot for the Peirre Balmain clothing line at noon! Talk about last minute…but I didn’t mind the short notice so much and was more so grateful for the work. Besides, it was the first day Taipei had a decent amount of sunshine in over three weeks and I think that’s why the decision was made to shoot today. Also, it was nice to start working again, now that the Chinese New Year holidays were over. So as soon as I got back from the casting, I rushed to get ready and walked (maybe jogged a bit too) over to the photographer’s studio. From there, we drove to another photographer’s place. There, we shot in his back yard (for the lack of a better word). He had a beautiful home in a very nice area.

After we were done with that spot, we shot in surrounding areas. I had a lot of fun and kept a high level of energy despite the cold weather.  Maybe despite is not the best word. I think the cold is what motivated me to be so energetic in an effort to keep warm. I was changing so fast…not only because we were shooting outdoors where it was cold and windy, but I also wanted to try and finish as soon as possible.

Well I got my wish because we finished early. Even the others were cold and they were much better dressed for the weather than I was. Really though…it wasn’t that bad. We went back to the second photographer’s house and his wife served us some great tasting and more importantly, hot tea. It had this nice subtle aftertaste which I really enjoyed. Then she brought out these big slices of fresh juicy pears… Mmmm… I loved and appreciated their hospitality! It was a pleasure to work with these people and I felt that we all worked well together.

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