Promotional video for ATOP Precision and Happy Chinese New Year!

Taipei County Yingko Ceramics Museum

Yesterday morning I was driven to a ceramics museum where we would shoot for ATOP Precision’s in house/in store promotional video. This was the first of two filming dates, to create a video showcasing their new watch. The section of the museum we shot in was used was to simulate the inside of an airport. Basically, we got footage of me walking down a ramp with my luggage and stopping to adjust the ATOP watch to a different time zone. Different shots were taken, with different angles and close ups. Finally we shot another sequence where I would talk on a cell phone after checking the time on the watch.

All in all it went good. Didn’t take us too long as it was relatively simple to do. I had a good time, as usual, and am looking forward to the next shoot. The production team as well as the people representing the product were great to work with. The second part of the shoot will take place after the weeklong holidays of the Chinese New Year are up. Speaking, for those celebrating: Happy Chinese New Year!

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