Pierre Balmain shoot, email issue resolved and leave a comment!

Pierre Balmain Bus RideOn January 29th, I headed to a production house, where I met the production manager of the Pierre Balmain photoshoot. Together, we went over to the Taiwan High Speed Rail station in Taipei. This a very fast (up to 300km/h) way to travel from the capital, which is in northern Taiwan, to the southern part of the country. After reaching the end, we got on a bus to travel the rest of the way to our hotel. The bus had a much shorter distance to travel but we spent more time on it than the THSR!

Pierre Balmain Shoot LocationThe next morning, we woke up to a beautiful day. The place we stayed at wasn’t a traditional hotel. More like a villa/resort. After breakfast, we started shooting at the hotel. Once we finished, we all hoped into the bus and got to a small dock where we took more shots. After that, we headed for lunch. Once again, I ate to my heart’s content.. and let me tell you that’s a lot! This, as it usually is, was pleasant experience, working with friendly people! Actually, the photographer was the same I had worked with on my first job.

In other news, I had been informed that some people attempted to contact me via my website’s email, with no success. Well, I looked into it and resolved the problem. You should now be able to use the address written on the Contacts page to get in touch with me.

Finally, I’d like to bring your attention to the Comments feature. At the end of every one of these posts, is a link which allows you to write comments as well as view the ones other people wrote. The link should be displayed as “No Comments” or “# Comment(s)” where # is there number of comments already written. Feel free to leave one as all feedback is appreciated!

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