Bolandi Classics website and photoshoot for Honor Swim and Beach Wear

Bolandi Classics Website Screenshot

Today I checked my email and found out that I’m now all over the Bolandi Classics website. The pictures are from a photoshoot we did back in June 2007, shot by the one and only, and very talented Jef Harris. I did this pro bono, since they are a relatively small and new company in Ottawa. Check out the website for the pictures! In addition, if you happen to be interested in their services, make sure you tell them I sent you. And hey…by all means, follow that up with an attempt to get a discount!

As for work in Taiwan, I booked another job. This one was for a beach and swim wear catalogue. The garments were from a local Taiwanese clothing line called Honor. Some of the stuff I wore for the shoot was a bit small for my taste…but to each his (or her) own! I had fun on this one, as always. Lastly, I’m being considered to for a rather important role in a commercial. More on that if I get the role!

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