TV commercial for Chi Guan new housing and catalogue for Charles River casual wear

Behind the Scenes at Charles River Catalogue ShootYesterday morning, two of my roommates and fellow “PT” models and I took a cab to a studio in Taipei. We had a catalogue shoot for Charles River which was outdoors and outside of Taipei. So, we all hopped into a small bus together, models, photographer and crew, to a city three hours south of the capital. It was so warm, and such a beautiful day. Quite the contrast from a chilly and raining Taipei morning. The weather greatly contributed in making the shoot a very pleasant experience. Then, after we were finished, we were treated to a traditional Chinese lunch. Let me say I ate more than my share. The chef seemed quite pleased to see foreigners enjoy the food as much as we did. A great experience overall!

As for today, I finished shooting my first TV commercial in Taiwan! It was for a company called Chi Guan, advertising new residential buildings. My role consisted of being a business man, walking down the street and noticing the buildings. Pretty simple job! Got a close up and everything. I also had a chance to have some interesting conversations with the other actors as well, espesially from an older guy from Holland and a fellow Canadian, both now making their lives in Taiwan. I can see why they would, it really is nice over here!

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