First job in Taiwan, for PGA Tour clothes!

PGA Tour Catalogue PhotoshootToday I had my first gig in Taiwan. This was for a catalogue showcasing PGA Tour’s clothing. They took shots of me, along with another guy and another girl, together and on our own, wearing different outfits. I had a good time and learned a lot in terms of modeling, especially tailored to work in Taiwan. Also I’m thankful that Sylvere from France (the other male model), being a decade older than me and having a lot more experience, was there. He gave me a few tips and I picked up some things by watching him work. I also noticed some things by taking a look at some of the shots after they were taken. I felt that by the end of the shoot I became better at posing. Keep in mind acting is my focus here!

Although barely anyone spoke English, and those who did only knew basic words, the crew was great to work with. Most of them were very nice and helpful. I love the Taiwanese people! This was a great first job. On top of that, the photographer is well known in Taiwan and works with many clients. He has a lot of power when it comes to booking models for shoots. Also, he has a reputation for delivering great pictures.

As for the picture on the top right, it’s a behind the scenes shot of the photoshoot. The guy is making sure the light is good.

A great start! Looking forwards to the next jobs. I already have news of a small role in a TV commercial.. more about that soon!

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