Bollywood North - Public premiere!

Bollywood North Premiere Night

Plasma Films held their public premiere of Bollywood North last night. In this short film, I play the role of the Thug. This event, with red carpet and all, was held at the The New Jaz’oo Cafe Villa on Sparks Street in Ottawa. The owners of this place are also Executive Producers of the film.

It started off with Graham Murray (the Director) giving a speech, preparing the audience for the film and a revealing statement about his work in the pornographic industry (may have been a joke). All kidding aside, he talked about the nature of Bollywood movies and how Bollywood North was a satire of the genre, Canadian style. 

The movie was played with a great reaction from the crowd. Lots of laughs were heard, including mine (the part where I get headbutted to the chest, Zidane style, always gets me). After the end of the film, the Producers Tiffany Murray and Philippe Paquette went up to talk and answer questions. Later they invited me up there and I responded a couple of questions as well. Graham also joined us to help out.

All in all, it was a great night due to the company of good friends and catching up with the people I worked with during the production of the film.


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