Auto Credit TV commercial shoot

I had been asked to do a local (Ottawa) commercial by Reel Impact Communications and shot it today. It was for an auto credit TV ad.

This was surprisingly fun to do! Also, there’s an interesting story involved with this one. First of all, this was shot on location at the car dealership. When I got in, I had talked to a few people as I was attempting to find out where I had to go. Eventually I found the room and changed into my suit, while they were shooting the female version of the commercial. I discovered that my suit’s pants were missing (this has never happened to me before.. and hopefully won’t in the future). So, instead of panicking, and informing Lois from Reel Impact (who was running the show), I decided to try and remedy the situation myself. Why give her unneeded stress?

Remember the people I talked to before going to set? Well one of him was close to my size…his name was Steve. So after running into to the owner of the car dealerships and sharing my current situation with him, we decided that Steve’s pants were the closest match to my suit color and pant size. The man had no choice but to switch with me (since the big boss told him to). I assured Steve that my jeans were comfortable and off we went into a room to change. I then returned to the set, with the production crew clueless about what just happened.

We shot in an actual office with people doing their work while Lois from Reel Impact kept everyone smiling and laughing with her unique sense of humor. I performed the commercial in both English and French. As we progressed with the different shots, I eventually asked if my pants were in the frame. Lois confirmed that they were. I then stated how I was glad I didn’t go through all the trouble of finding pants for nothing. Confused, she asked for clarifications. I told her, and whoever who was listening the story. It proved to be quite a hit with the people working there. We kept going and finished in under two hours of shooting. Overall, it went great. I made sure to thank Steve before I left, and traded back our pants. He agreed that my jeans were comfortable.

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