Updates on films

2@2 Movie PosterFirst off, the film “2@2″ by Parktown Productions took the Grand Prize in Calvin Klein’s IN2U short film contest! Also in July, we shot the short “Autopilot Off” in three straight shooting days. It was a blast to shoot. Shooting of “The Portal” also begun in that month, and we actually just finished shooting today. It was a great experience! The character I played was very different what I’ve done in the past.

As for smaller roles go, I had a couple of “special extra” ones in locally shot MOWs (Movie of the Week). One of them I played the “hot half naked guy”. Let me assure you it was the top half that was naked. It was a scene with two well established actress and lots of fun to shoot. Finally I participated in Pascal Aka’s short film rendition of his poem “Without You”.

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